The major project that was accomplished in 2013 was to have the sunroom restored.  This was a major project because there was so much work to be done.  The walls were so rotten the contractor could push his hand through the wall from the outside.  In order to do the project correctly it meant taking it down to the studs and having it completely rebuilt.  This portion of the house was in terrible condition with water intrusion, as well as allowing other friends to wander in for a visit (lizards, spiders, and bugs).

Since this was not an original part of the house this meant we could install new windows, a new door, and replace the exterior siding with HardieBoard to keep the Carpenter Bees from drilling holes.  The renovation turned out great and is a nice room to sit and enjoy the view outside while sitting under the new ceiling fans.

Another big accomplishment was to have the Carter House and Pool House connected to the Mo-Dad water system.  We were fortunate to receive a grant from the State through the Livingston Parish Grants Coordinator, Heather Crain, for the connection.  Work was completed on the project before the end of 2013 for a total cost of $3,746.05 and reimbursement was received in early 2014.

We would like to thank Ms. Heather Crain, Livingston Parish Grants Coordinator, for obtaining the grant for us.  Also, thanks to the CDD for connecting the Carter House and Pool House to the Mo Dad Sewer System.

The HCHS Income Statement for year end 2013 showed Gross Income of $16,456.00 and total expenses of ($16,604.00).