LTPA Entertained by LCVB at Carter House – March 17, 2015

The Livingston Convention & Visitors Bureau (LCVB) hosted the Louisiana Travel Promotion Association (LTPA), with members from areas all over the State.

Jonathan Taylor, LCVB Assistant Director, advised the Historic Carter House Society Inc. (HCHS) that they were making plans to apply for the opportunity to host the LTPA Group and wanted to know if they could host a cocktail party at the Carter House if their application was selected.  HCHS graciously accepted the offer.

HCHS knew this would be a great opportunity to introduce the Carter House to a new group of visitors so it was our hope that the LCVB would be selected.  HCHS was excited when the LCVB called to let us know they were selected and asked us to save the date of March 17 for their party.  HCHS knew the group would be large enough that several of its members would be needed to help with the event so a request went out for volunteers.  The volunteers were asked to dress in period dress to welcome the group to the Carter House.

When the date arrived there were eight ladies who volunteered and came in period dress ready to welcome our visitors and to accompany them in small groups through the house to give them some of the history of the house and the prominent residents who had lived in the house.

Since this was the first time LCVB had hosted this group this meant the visitors were getting exposed to a new area of the State and the visitors were especially delighted to see the Carter House.  Many of them commented that they had no idea there was a plantation in Livingston Parish.  Needless to say, this pleased both the LCVB and HCHS to know we were able to introduce them to something new in our area and especially have them see the Carter House.

Not only did the LCVB want to introduce them to the Carter House and Carter Plantation but to another tourist feature in our parish so they arranged to have the Hungarian Settlement Museum prepare some special tasty treats for the party.  The Hungarian Settlement Museum is just down the road from Springfield but unfortunately it isn’t ready to be open to the public so this was just a “taste” of things to come!

Below are pictures of the event and our volunteers.

IMG_1018 IMG_1017 IMG_1016 IMG_1012