January 25, 2015

HCHS Membership

The Historic Carter House Society Inc. (HCHS) membership is always open to the public and we need your membership!  Annual membership dues are $30.00/individual and $40.00/family. Just click on the link, print the form, and return it to HCHS along with your check.  All the instructions are on the form, located by clicking here.

What does a membership fee do?  All fees and donations go toward restoration of the Carter House.  All members are invited to attend all meetings including the annual meeting at which time the board of directors are elected.  Since our organization began in 2011 the dues helped us accomplish the following restoration items:

  1. Repaired the columns on front of the house.
  2. Cleaned and painted the front, right side, and across kitchen/mudroom wall portions of house.
  3. Restored and painted the sunroom portion of the house.
  4. Repaired and painted a portion of fascia adjacent to the sunroom.
  5. Added landscape lighting in the back side yard at the house.
  6. Repaired and painted the dormers.
  7. Repaired and painted the back of the house
  8. Replaced the back door that was beyond repair with a periodic appropriate, salvaged cypress door.
  9. Repaired the shutters across the back of the house that had split at the top.
  10. Repaired/painted windows and wall by the bar area near the sunroom.

Don’t want to be a member? Please consider making a donation!

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