January 25, 2015

Who is the Historic Carter House Society Inc. (HCHS)?

The Historic Carter House Society Inc. (HCHS) was organized in November 2010 and held its first official meeting in February 2011.  The organization was started by a group of ladies living in Carter Plantation who recognized the need to save the Carter House.  The Federal-style raised house is located in Carter Plantation, Springfield, Louisiana and was listed on the National Register in 1979.  It was built between 1817 and 1820 by Thomas Freeman who was a Free Man of Color.  Mr. Freeman was not the only owner of the property to contribute to the history in the area because the owners that followed were either prominent businessmen or political leaders.  In various articles and books it is referenced as the oldest plantation home in “The Free State of Livingston”.

By working diligently in 2011 the HCHS formed a corporation, developed by-laws, wrote a business plan, and received their 501(c)(3) non-profit status from the IRS.  Since the organization is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization donations are tax deductible.

The Community Development District (CDD) is the owner of the Carter House and 5.916 acres of property surrounding the house.  The CDD acquired the property from the Developer of Carter Plantation on May 4, 2005.  The Carter Plantation CDD was formed on January 9, 2003 by Livingston Parish Ordinance No. 02-41 in accordance with the CDD Act by the Parish Council of the Parish of Livingston.

The HCHS signed a seven year agreement on November 1, 2011 with the CDD to manage and operate the property.  The CDD has been very supportive of the work being done by the HCHS organization to preserve, restore, and manage the house and property.

Once HCHS took over the management of the Carter House and adjoining property it was established for use by the community, public, and educational facilities.  The house is rich in history and HCHS wants more children and adults to tour the house to hear about the contributions and role it played in shaping history in this area.  In addition to education, the HCHS has made the house and property available for various types of events/functions (weddings, photographs, showers, meetings, etc.) and tours can be scheduled by contacting the organization.  The fee that is charged for the use of the properties goes toward restoration work on the house.

The HCHS is a volunteer organization and all funds raised, donated, or from memberships will be used toward restoration work on the house.  For additional information about the HCHS organization, please call 225-747-0660, see the website at  carterplantationcdd.com, or like us on Facebook at https://www.https://www.facebook.com/HistoricCarterHouse.

Historic Carter House Society Inc. Mission Statement 

The purpose of the HCHS is to foster appreciation of Carter Plantation’s unique history, to carry out historical research, preservation of the Carter House and Carter Plantation, education, and to provide the public with meaningful heritage experiences.

Thank you for your support!

HCHS Board of Directors
Eric, Patti, Judy, Beverly and Carol