Belk Private Charity Sale Proceeds

The Historic Carter House Society Inc. (HCHS) sold tickets to the Belk Private Charity Sale that was held on Saturday, November 7 at 6:00 AM – 10:00 AM.  The tickets cost $5.00 each and HCHS could keep all the proceeds from the tickets they sold.  In the end the total proceeds for HCHS were $430.00.

HCHS would like to thank everyone who purchased a ticket and hope they were able to enjoy their shopping experience at Belk and find some good bargains.  Even though the ticket cost was $5.00 the shopper received the entire $5.00 credit on their first event purchase, plus event discount so this was a win for both the customer and the organization.  Also, customers didn’t have to shop only at the private sale; they could pre-sale shop starting several days prior to the private sale and still receive all the benefits of shopping at the Private Sale.  Belk held the merchandise to be picked up by the customer on or after the Private Sale date.

Thanks to our HCHS members who helped sell tickets and a special thanks to Debbie Dufour for volunteering to sell tickets at the Belk Store on two dates with Vickie Robinson.  Belk allowed the organizations that registered to sell tickets to select dates/times to set up in the store and sell tickets to customers as they entered the store.  Debbie and Vickie found this to be an interesting experience and proved to be somewhat profitable.

Also, thanks to Charlie Robinson who put together a slide show of the Carter House.  He loaded the slide show on a laptop that sat on the table where the tickets were being sold and as customers came in the store the slide show would catch their eye.  The customers could actually see what the plantation house and property looked like while the purpose and benefit of the ticket was being explained.  Most of the customers remarked that they had no idea that Livingston Parish had a plantation house and that it was available to be used for special events.