Richardson Family Revisits Carter Plantation

Several generations of the Richardson family visited Carter Plantation for a Cousins’ Party on the weekend of July 16, 2022. A scavenger hunt was held throughout the property, including in the Carter Cemetery, where George Richardson was the first person buried. The granddaughters of Lois Wax, who are the sixth-generation descendants of George Richardson, learned ancestral history by following clues to find the headstones of relatives, record birth and death dates, the maiden name of their grandmother, and other facts, while collecting prizes as they went along. They returned to Carter House, which still stands on the same property that George Richardson bought in 1856. There, over 165 years later, they got to tour the house, dress in antebellum dresses, and pose for photos. What a great way to teach history and make memories at the same time!

Many of the Richardson descendants still live in the Springfield/ Blood River area, and some are also buried in Carter Cemetery.